About Dane

Back in the day…

Dane is a Danish brand with roots back to the 1960s, where Dane was involved in several major events regarding delivering the sound. Among other things, Dane and the then sister brand MAX were involved in the planning and delivery of sound for the first version of the Roskilde Festival.

The idea for Dane arose in the beginning of 1961-62, when the Danish importer of VOX was asked to supply amplifiers for The Beatles’ first foreign concerts, which at that time were planned in Hamburg. Since VOX could not supply a definite PA system at that time, the importer got the idea to found a company that could supply all the reinforcement one could imagine having to use for a concert. That is, PA systems, guitar amps, bass amps and more. Thus arose Dane.

As far as we know, The Beatles never got to play on Dane amps anyway, but they were the reason Dane was founded at all. They might otherwise have been quite excited to play over a Dane facility, as Dane, among other things, became known for being able to supply facilities that had an extraordinary amount of power compared to the facilities one could acquire at the time.

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