Dane Bass 150 is an old-school, ground shaking, true solid state bass monster

Dane Bass 150

  • High-effective 150 watt solid state bass amplifier

  • Equipped with a powerful 15” speaker

  • Extended mid-range control to shape YOUR sound

Dane Bass 150 is a true old school solid state bass amplifier. You get a high-effective 150 watt amplifier that  plays loud and clear, despite it is “only” 150 watts. It has comprehensive tone shaping controls and features that helps you to obtain your own, personal sound.

Dane Bass 150 is a compact bass combo, equipped with a powerful 15” speaker that makes the ground shake. The Gain and Master knobs controls the overall drive and volume. The 4-band eq section with extended midrange control allows you to make a more precise setting of the midrange frequencies.

The Bright switch makes your bass sound brighter and more present, while the boot switch raises the bass level, which is especially useful when you play at low volume, but still want a rich sound from your electric bass.
You can use the line out to connect your Dane Bass 150 to front of house/PA-systems at larger venues and to re-amp and shape your bass tone perfectly for your recordings.